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We are an inclusive home- and community-based counseling service provider for youth, individuals, and couples in Northwest Indiana offering high-quality, evidence-informed counseling for a variety of emotional, behavioral, and transitional needs.

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Individual Counseling • Youth Counseling • Couple's / Family Counseling

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Jennifer Dyarman

Dr. Jennifer Dyarman,


Jennifer was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and comes from a family [background of manufacturing, steel, farming, and military service.] She spent 10 years in the Army Reserves after high school and deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving multiple commendations for her service... Read More


What clients are saying


After 10 weeks of therapy, my 15-year-old son opened up and actually talked about his feelings and thoughts. Our relationship improved and so did his academic performance and ability to handle emotions and solve problems.

Nicole C. therapy — 10 weeks

I am being treated for trauma as a child and in my adult life. Therapy has led to positive changes in my life and a new beginning. I would highly recommend. She is very attentive, compassionate, and concerned about needs.

Tiffany L. therapy — 14 months

I wish I would have embraced the therapy process sooner, but my quality of life has improved because of therapy. My self-confidence and health have also improved.

Marie J. therapy — 10 months

I like how she would have me write down different coping skills or specific solutions to issues. I like how she makes herself available to her clients. She is nonjudgmental, straight to the point, and easy to understand. Jennifer has been nothing but helpful to me.

Michelle K., therapy — 2 months

Common Questions

Home-based therapy sessions take place when a therapist provides counseling in a person's home rather than an office. It is usually provided at the kitchen table or in a living room. This type of therapy is preferred by some individuals for a number of reasons. It can help people who have difficulty getting to private practices or mental health clinics due to transportation, health, or mobility issues. Responsibilities at work or in the home might limit a person's ability to come to an office visit or even fear of being in a social setting. Community-based therapy refers to counseling sessions that are held in locations outside of the home or therapy office. The counselor and person(s) in therapy can decide to have sessions in a park, library, or discuss treatment during a walk. Any mutually agreed upon place that feels "private" and safe for the individual can be considered.
Examples of community-based therapy sessions:

    • Therapist and 15 y/o teenager practice free throws while working on anger management.
    • Therapist and 23 y/o person work on reducing panic attacks at library.

It is well established that the long-term solution to mental and emotional problems and the pain they cause cannot be solved solely by medication. Instead of just treating the symptom, therapy addresses the cause of our distress and the behavior patterns that curb our progress. You can best achieve sustainable growth and a greater sense of well-being with an integrative approach to wellness.  Working with your medical doctor you can determine what's best for you, and in some cases a combination of medication and therapy is the right course of action. 


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